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Rachel is signed with Select Model Management agency.

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Written by Saara

The Sun is speculating that S Club 7 might perform at Children In Need event on November 14. The article also claims that they have agreed to do a major TV show and a tour, which has NOT been confirmed, at least not yet. I like the Children In Need idea, I think it sounds doable. However, Jon is in Blackpool at that day performing in Copacabana. Maybe they’ll get him a substitute?

THE S CLUB 7 party could be restarting sooner than planned – all thanks to Pudsey Bear.
Members of the Nineties pop sensation are in talks with the BBC about performing together for the first time in 12 years during this year’s Children In Need telethon.

It comes just weeks after I revealed they were to reunite for a major TV show and money-spinning tour, after receiving the backing of their creator Simon Fuller.

S Clubbers Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole met recently for talks at Fuller’s XIX company in London to discuss a launch at Children In Need on November 14.

Things went so well that they followed it up with a boozy lunch and cocktails at Balans in Soho.

And yesterday the band’s official Twitter account @SClub7 got the blue tick verification — a sure sign an announcement is imminent.

My source revealed: “The reunion is definitely on but everyone involved wants a massive launchpad, which is why Children In Need would be perfect.

“It could still all fall through because there are the diaries of seven people to work around, but it’s looking positive.

“The idea is for them to perform a greatest hits medley, including S Club Party and Reach.

“If the reaction is good a tour will be announced.”

S Club 7 already have a big history when it comes to Children In Need.

In 2000 and 2001 their songs Have You Ever and I Never Had a Dream Come True were the charity’s official singles. Both songs topped the charts.

My insider added: “Jon is busy with theatre, Hannah is working on TV projects and Rachel is a judge on The Voice in Ireland.

“But for the rest of them this is a real second chance to ditch the pub gigs and become stars again.”

It’s now or never guys — take the chance.


Written by Saara

Might there be something happening on the S Club 7 front? It surely seems so since the band now has a verified Twitter account @SClub7. Check out some articles about it below:

Over the weekend an S Club 7 Twitter account popped up – and it’s verified. Oh holy guacamole this is exciting.

They haven’t yet sent a single tweet or followed a single person, but it already has 2,000 followers, one being Jaymi from Union J, and the account was immediately verified.

Know what that means? They really are bringing it all back.

Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens make up the troupe that is S Club 7, although Jo, Paul and Bradley reunited a few years ago and trawled the pub circuit as S Club.

According to Click Music they acquired the Twitter handle recently from someone who hadn’t used it. But with this radio silence they’re leaving us on tenterhooks as to what the heck is happening next. Will there be an S Club party?

Oh say it’s so. Follow them @SClub7

Source: Metro.co.uk

Right, hang on… The ’90s could be coming back in a big way very soon because S Club 7 now have an official and VERIFIED Twitter account. It was created at some point over the weekend and . Unsurprisingly, it’s @SClub7, but they haven’t tweeted anything yet. They do, however, have a fancy new picture and they did commandeer the account from someone who registered it a while ago and never used it.

Beyond that, we don’t have many details. But as the old saying goes, THERE AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE AN S CLUB PARTY.

Source: ClickMusic.com


Written by Saara

Rachel’s looking very sharp in her The Voice of Ireland chair:


Written by Saara

Rachel looks smashingly good in the first official The Voice of Ireland pictures.

The Voice of Ireland photoshoot

Season four of The Voice of Ireland began filming this week, and we have the first pictures of the four judges posing together in front of their infamous red chairs! New judges Una Foden, 33, and Rachel Stevens, 36, posed with returning judges Kian Egan, 34, and Bressie, 33, as they began filming the blind auditions at Dublin’s The Helix this week.

Una, who recently announced that she is expecting her second child with husband Ben Foden, looked glowing in a blue top and black trousers in the new pictures. The Saturdays singer’s decision to wear blue is fitting, as she is expecting a baby boy this time around. Rachel, 36, looked stunning in a little black dress while Blizzards frontman Bressie and Westlife singer Kian both went for jeans.

Kian teamed his with a denim shirt and white T shirt, while Bressie went for a jacket. The four judges will be joined for the upcoming season by hosts Kathryn Thomas and Eoghan McDermott. For the duration of Thursday and Friday, the judges filmed the blind auditions.

‘Off to bed now. Big thanks to the @RTETheVoice crew, @UnaTheSats, @nbrez, @KianEganWL, @gokathrynthomas – big today tomorrow! Bring it on :)’ Rachel tweeted after the first day. Rachel, who found fame with S Club 7, and Una are already best of friends, and even took a selfie when arriving in Dublin together. ‘On our way over to find the voice of Ireland!! #voiceofireland #thevoice @MsRachelStevens’ wrote Una with the picture.

The girls replace previous judges Jamelia and Dolores O’Riordan. Una, who has previous judging experience on sport/talent ITV show, Let’s Get Gold, has said she is so excited to be a judge. ‘I know Kian and I’ve met Bressie a few times so it’s Rachel who’s another newbie,’ she said to the Irish Independent.

‘The two girls are the two newbies. I have loads in common with her already. She worked with the girls in S Club Juniors so now I’m working with an S Club 7.’ Speaking about the other judges, Una said that she was delighted to be the youngest of the gang, after being the oldest one in The Saturdays. ‘For once I actually feel young – this is brilliant for me. I’m the eldest in the Saturdays, obviously, so in this line up I’m the youngest. I was like, “Yay!”‘ she said.

At 33, the All Fired Up singer is 12 days younger than Bressie, while Kian is 34 and Rachel is 36. ‘I’m a big fan of The Voice so I can’t wait to join the team of coaches on the Voice of Ireland this year,’ said Rachel about her new appointment. RTE’s hit show returns to screens on January 4 2015, with the search for this year’s vocal talent starting in mid October when the filming of the Blind Auditions starts, followed by the Battles in November.

Source: Evoke.ie


Written by Saara

Rachel talked to Mirror about how she found she had a thyroid condition while pregnant and how it could have affected the lives of both her and her unborn child. The article also sheds light to what it’s like to live with an underactive thyroid and what are its symptoms.

Singer, model and presenter Rachel Stevens shot to fame with pop group S Club 7, selling over 14 million records.

Here, Rachel, 36, who lives in London with husband Alex and children Amelie, three, and six-month-old Minnie, tells how she found she had a thyroid condition while pregnant.

I was always turning the heating up and tiredness was something I put down to being too busy – so I wasn’t aware I had anything wrong.

My underactive thyroid was only picked up during the early stages of being ­pregnant with Amelie.

The condition can be hereditary and I knew it ran in the family because my mother and grandma suffer from it.

But my mum doesn’t take any ­medication so hers must not be as bad. As a result, I never really thought to get myself tested.

It came to light just over four years ago. Once a year I try to attend a well-woman screening to check hormone levels and general health.

Thanks to one of these sessions, I discovered I was suffering from a slightly underactive thyroid.

Between having the test to check on my thyroid and getting the results from a consultant at London’s The Wellington Hospital, I discovered that I was pregnant.

It was strange how ­everything seemed to work out at around the same time.

Within the first three months of pregnancy, it’s vital you have enough of the hormone thyroxine – not only for you but for your baby – as it can affect brain development and cause ­complications for the pregnancy like pre-eclampsia and Type 2 diabetes.

It was lucky my ­condition was picked up early.

Read more?


Written by Saara

The first day of The Voice of Ireland auditions is over! Here are some pretty cool pictures from behind the scenes. How amazing does the chair look? The auditions continue today.

Behind the scenes – The Voice of Ireland


Written by Saara

Here are some pictures of Rachel and Una Foden arriving at Dublin Airport yesterday. Thumbs up to those guys who photobombed the first picture :D

October 14 – Rachel and Una Foden at Dublin Airport


Written by Saara

The new Voice of Ireland coaches Rachel and Una Foden are on their way to Ireland, where they’ll begin to shoot the Blind Auditions. Good luck girls!


Written by Saara

Rachel talked Sunday Express about her beauty routines. She reveals her fashion icon and favourite scent amongst other things.

Which beauty products do you swear by?

I love the Ren skincare range. It’s chemical-free and really helps keep my skin clear. I’m lucky that I’ve never suffered with acne but I noticed my skin has changed a lot in my 30s and I’ve become prone to getting a massive spot now and then.

What’s your number one beauty tip?

Always take your make-up off at night. I don’t have as much time as I did before I had my children (Rachel is mum to Amelie, three, and six-month-old Minnie) so facial wipes are brilliant. Diet can really affect how you look too so I make sure I eat well.

Do you diet?

No. I left all the dieting behind in my 20s. I’m really interested in nutrition and eating food that makes me feel good – apart from when I was pregnant and craved Big Macs! I eat a lot of vegetables, brown rice and sweet potatoes. I stay away from white carbs and that’s helped with losing baby weight – although I didn’t gain a lot with Minnie. My guilty pleasure is an Indian takeaway but I eat it without the rice and bread.

What’s your fitness regime like?

Non-existent at the moment, but I am going to start hitting the gym again. When I’m in the gym, I do a lot of circuit training – short bursts of exercise using my own body weight. I also enjoy Pilates.

Which make-up products do you always carry in your handbag?

I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Bronze Tinted Moisturiser foundation. It gives me a real sun-kissed glow. If I’m looking tired, I whack that on and instantly feel like I’ve just come back from holiday. I also always carry mascara. My favourite is Benefit They’re Real mascara, which makes my lashes look so much longer.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a single item?

When I turned 30, I treated myself to a Chanel handbag, which was very pricey. I won’t say how much! But if you buy designer classics, they will stand the test of time. I can pass my Chanel handbag on to my daughters!

Who is your fashion icon?

I think Victoria Beckham always looks impeccable. I love her fashion range. She’s carved out an amazing career as well as being a brilliant mum. She’s very inspiring.

What’s you signature fragrance?

Narciso Rodriguez, which I’ve worn for 10 years. It has a musky but not overpowering scent. I love it. I’ve also recently discovered Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot. It’s a lovely, citrusy fragrance.

Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?

Never say never! One day I might feel I need a little bit. But at the moment I’m happy as I am.

Source: Sunday Express


Written by Saara

To celebrate Rachel’s new job in The Voice of Ireland I wanted to make a design. I hope you all like it! I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the upcoming Voice photoshoot so I used the latest FHM pictures instead. The layout is optimised for Google Chrome but has been tested with the most common browsers (although Internet Explorer doesn’t show the image effects correctly). If you’re experiencing any trouble, please update your browser first.

I decided to put the tag board back because some visitors have missed it. So feel free to give feedback, comment on Rachel’s projects or chat about general things. It’s also handy for affiliate requests. For private matters you can always e-mail me webmistresslovelyrachel[at]hotmail.com.


Written by Saara

Rachel talked to Express.co.uk about her girl crushes (Carol Vorderman, Beyoncé, Kate Moss), sexy photoshoots, her babies, The Voice and Dettol.

The 36-year-old singer, and mother-of-two, told the Daily Express Online exclusively she thought Carol Vorderman was deserving of the Sexiest Woman Of All Time title.

She said: “Carol Vorderman is amazing, she’s so sexy. She’s got an incredible body and an amazing figure – yeah she’s amazing.

“Every year she rocks those really fitted sexy dresses, it’s great.”

Rachel added: “I think Beyonce is very sexy, I think Kate Moss is very sexy. There are so many gorgeous, sexy women out there.”

The former S Club 7 singer hasn’t ruled out doing sexy photoshoots, and said she’ll do them for as long as people ask.

“As long as they’ll have me. The last shoot I did I was three months pregnant with Minnie. So that was quite an amazing time to do one of those photoshoots.

“I love doing photoshoots anyway, I love working as part of the team. I’ve worked loads with FHM – they’re such a great team there, we always have fun.”

Although she’s got a pin-up status, Rachel’s main priority in life are her two daughters: Minnie and Amelie.

Having grown up in the music industry, the singer said if either of her daughters were set on having a career in the limelight she would support them all the way.

“If they were really, really passionate about being whatever they want to be – a dancer, an actor. Whatever it was, as long as it was their passion and their dream then a million percent I’d be supportive of it. I’d be supportive of anything that made them happy.

“All I want for them is to be happy – and it’s a fun industry to be in, but you need to work hard and be passionate.”

The star has just been announced as a judge on The Voice Ireland – an exciting extension of her pop career.

Read more?

Source: Express.co.uk


Written by Saara

Rachel talked to Yahoo about Minnie and Amelie, who she thinks might follow her footsteps in the entertainment business.

Rachel Stevens became a mum again earlier this year, when she gave birth to the gorgeous baby Minnie back in April. Minnie is the star’s second daughter, after four-year-old Amelie, and Rachel is absolutely loving having her two little girls.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo, Rachel revealed: “Having two girls is hard but it’s gorgeous. It’s so lovely, I love having girls, they are so sweet together and Amelie is amazing with Minnie.

“It’s even more chaotic in the mornings now, trying to get out of the house, but it’s really lovely and so special. “Minnie is now six months old, she is sitting up and interacting more with Amelie and I can really see the bond together, it’s so special to watch.”

And it looks as though little Amelie might have inherited her mum’s performing gene, as Rachel seems to think that she might be following in her star-studded footsteps, she says: “Amelie is always singing and dancing. She loves music and she is so creative as well. “I definitely think she is going to be in the business, I have a feeling, and I would fully support it. “As long as they’re happy, if they are really passionate about something I will definitely be fully supportive of them.”

And it isn’t just her own little ones that the former S Club 7 singer is supporting, motherhood has also encouraged Rachel to give back to her fellow mummys, teaming up with Dettol to launch The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness around the dangers of bacteria on baby blankets, and highlight the shortage of blankets available to infants born into disadvantaged families, urging others to donate their old ones via the Freepost address and share their special memories. For every blanket received, Dettol will be donating £1 to children’s medical research charity, Sparks.

Rachel exclusively told us why she is so passionate about the cause, saying: “It’s a brilliant campaign in itself but now I’m a mum I am even more aware of how much more washing there is to do and there is a more hygienic way of cleaning.

“With Dettol Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser I get to do loads of quick washes at low temperatures and know that things will be hygienically clean and germ free. It’s also such a lovely idea to get people involved. Baby blankets are such a precious thing that hold so many memories and it’s an amazing way to get mums involved. “I know all my mummy friends are donating their blankets and it’s a lovely way to help underprivileged families.”

Rachel has donated the first baby blanket to the campaign, for full details on how to donate check out: www.dettol.co.uk/donate


Written by Saara

Rachel gave an exclusive interview to OK! about motherhood and her career.

Rachel Stevens spoke to OK! Online exclusively about how she manages motherhood and work – especially as she became a mum for the second time to daughter Minnie 18-months-ago.

The singer said: “Now that Amelie is four I can see that she is growing up really fast and is turning into a little woman.

“The first time you become a mother is a total shock to your system and your whole life changes – the second time is a lot easier in many ways because you know what to expect but it brings other challenges.

“Life’s so busy – you’re trying to juggle kids and work is a tricky one. It’s hard to get that balance right.”

Talking about her eldest daughter Amelie, Rachel said: “She’s amazing with Minnie, she’s brilliant with her and is very helpful to me.”

Rachel also opened up on plans for another baby, after marrying husband Alex in 2009.

The former S Club 7 member said: “Never say never, but I am very much happy and content with my two girls. But who knows – in a few years I might.”

The singer, who’s recently been announced as coach along side Una Foden on The Voice of Ireland, is supporting Dettol’s Baby Blanket Donation campaign.

“It’s such a lovely campaign and being a mum of two girls it really resonated with me.

“Donating a baby blanket will bring so many memories and it’s a very special thing. The scheme is such a great way to get blankets out to under privileged children.”

Memories can be shared with @DettolBlanket #sharethememories or on Dettol’s Mission for Health Facebook page. For full details on how to donate please visit www.dettol.co.uk/donate

Source: OK! Magazine


Written by Saara

Rachel is currently attending the Pride of Britain Awards. Check out the first pictures of the event and stay tuned for more.

EDIT: I’ve added 12 more pictures, four of which are HQs.

October 6 – Pride of Britain Awards

This evening I’m really proud to be going to this year’s Pride of Britain Awards. It’s always emotional to be surrounded by such brave people and it’s an event which I’ve supported for years because it’s so inspiring. Makeup by Laura Mercier, dress by David Koma, bag by Anya Hindmarch, shoes by Pretty Little Shoe



Written by Saara

Rachel is the new coach of The Voice of Ireland! The filming will begin in Mid-October with Blind Auditions and the shows start airing on 4th January. The other coaches are Una Foden, Bressie and Kian Egan. Fantastic news! Here’s the press release:

RTÉ’s smash hit show, The Voice of Ireland, returns to our screens in January 2015. Bressie and Kian will be taking their seats on the spinning red chairs and joining them on the panel are two brand new coaches – Una Foden and Rachel Stevens, who between them have 11 chart topping albums and 24 singles.

Rachel Stevens enjoyed huge success with Brit Award winning pop group S Club 7 and went on to release two solo albums and several hit singles. She recently cha cha’ed her way to second place on Strictly Come Dancing and this year was voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman of All Time. Rachel is mum to Amelie and Minnie and works alongside charity Water Aid, which has seen her visit some of their projects in Ethiopia.

“I’m a big fan of The Voice so I can’t wait to join the team of coaches on the Voice of Ireland this year. I’m sure it will be great fun, but most of all I’m looking forward to listening to the great vocal talent that Ireland has to offer each week and to securing a team of people who have excited me enough to make me push that button for them. When I turn my chair, it will be for someone really special who gets under my skin and I truly believe has what it takes to make it to the final.” Rachel Stevens

The search for The Voice of Ireland will begin in mid October when filming of the Blind Auditions commences followed by the Battles in November, although viewers will have to wait until early January to catch the talent on RTE as the show will air from 4th January 2015.

“We are delighted to announce this year’s Coach line-up. It’s a welcome return for 2 time winner Bressie and Kian Egan. Kian is seeking his first win, although he came close before – Kian is determined to win this year! New to the coach line up we have Una Foden who has done it all in the world of music, including entering shows like this. Una stuck at it and has had a remarkable career with The Saturdays. Una as a Tipperary girl will know exactly what it takes to get to the top. And finally we introduce Rachel Stevens to Irish audiences as a coach, Rachel has also scaled the heights of the pop world not only as a member of S Club 7 but also with her solo career, so we look forward to Rachel adding even more glamour to The Voice this year” Larry Bass – Screentime Shinawil

“I am thrilled that Una Foden and Rachel Stevens have joined The Voice of Ireland and I know they’ll be an amazing addition to the show. Both Una and Rachel are talented artists with a string of hits and have the expertise to spot a star. It’ll be interesting to see how Kian and Bressie will react, as competition between the coaches is bound to intensify this year.” John McHugh Head of Entertainment RTÉ

Contestants will audition in the Blind stages, Battle against each other in the Battle Stages and finally take to the live stage in Dublin’s Helix for a chance to win a recording contractwith Universal.


Written by Saara

Here are some HQ pictures of the Dettol photoshoot:

2014 – Dettol Photoshoot HQ


Written by Saara

Take a ride with Rachel and support Children In Need: